Day 1: 27 October 2022 (Thursday)

(GMT +8)
08.00-08.30Registration/ Online signup
08.30-09.00Welcoming Speech
09.00-10.00Keynote Address

Oral Healthcare and Research in Post-pandemic
Prof Emerita Datuk Dr Asma Ismail, FASc
(Academy of Sciences Malaysia & International Islamic University Malaysia)

Moderator: Prof Dr Rathna Devi Vaithilingam (Universiti Malaya)
10.00-11.00Plenary Lecture 1:

Prognostic Biomarker for Early Childhood Caries: An Update
Prof Dr Stuart Dashper (The University of Melbourne, Australia)
11.00-13.00Oral Presentation (Session 1)
13.00-14.00Lunch talk
14.00-14.30Invited Speaker 1:

Probiotic, Prebiotic and Synbiotic: The Application for Oral Health
Assoc Prof Ts Dr Mohd Hafiz Arzmi (International Islamic University Malaysia)
14:30-15.00Invited Speaker 2:

Lipid-based Technologies to Prevent Dental and Orthopaedic Infections
Dr Wayne Nishio Ayre (University of Cardiff, United Kingdom)
15.00-16.00Plenary Lecture 2:

Candida – The Real Oral Keystone Pathogen
Prof Dr Gordon Ramage (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)
16.00-17.00Immunology Quiz

Day 2: 28 October 2022 (Friday)

(GMT +8)
08.00-08.30Registration/ Online signup
08.30-09.00Invited Speaker 3:

Salivary Metabolomic Profiles in Oral Candidiasis Patients
Assoc Prof Dr Thomas George Kallarakkal (Universiti Malaya)
09.00-10.30Oral Presentation (Session 2A) ; Oral presentation (Session 2B)
10.30-12.30Oral Presentation (Session 3A); Oral Presentation (Session 3B)
12.30-14.00Lunch talk
14.00-15.00Plenary Speaker 3:

The Application of microRNA as a Tool for the Early Detection of Oral Cancer
Prof Dr Michael McCullough (The University of Melbourne, Australia)
15.00-15.30Invited Speaker 4:

Novel Therapies for Oral Cancer
Dr Lim Kue Peng (Cancer Research Malaysia)
15:30-16.00Invited Speaker 5:

Spices and Herbs: Is Malaysia Ready to Take on the Oral Pathogens?
Dr Zamirah Zainal Abidin (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
16.00-16.30Award e-announcement
16.30-18.15MYSOMOI Biennial General Meeting (for MySOMOI members only)