Oral video preparation and submission

  1. Time Limit : Oral video presentation must be within a maximum of 10 minutes only.
  2. Video presentation content : There is no specific template for presentations, and participants can adopt any of their preferences. However, the slides in the video presentation must contain the following :
    • Title of the paper, authors, and affiliation
    • Conference title
    • The presenter must be visible at any corner of the video. A video without the presenter seen will not be accepted.
  3. Live judging : Even though the presentation is pre-recorded, attendance to the session is compulsory. Participants are required to be present at least 15 minutes before the respective session. Pre-recorded video will not be played if the participant is not available from the start of the session. There will be 4 minutes live Q&A session with the judges after the pre-recorded video has been played by the technical committee.
  4. Video uploaded : The video file must be labelled as abstract ID-Name of presenter-affiliation eg. xxxxxxxxx (note: presenter’s name MUST be the same as initial registration). There are several ways to submit your video:
    • You may upload your video directly in the Google Form
    • You may upload your video in any sharing platform, eg. Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. and share your link to your video in the section provided in the same Google Form. Please ensure that the link will be accessible to the technical committee e.g. sharing a Google Drive link – as “anyone with link” and as “Editor”.
    • As the last resort if Step I and II are not possible, you may also email your video to the technical committee at dr_azlini@iium.edu.my . Please mention your abstract ID, presenter’s name and affiliation in all communication.

Deadline for submission is by 1st SEPTEMBER 2021 (WEDNESDAY) at 5.00 pm (Malaysian time).

Guidelines for recording

The presenters are free to choose their preference of video recording software. The easiest way to prepare your presentation video will be to subscribe to the free version of Zoom and use it to record your presentation video. Alternatively, you can use PowerPoint recording and Save As to MP4. Please check the recording for quality and understandability, and for timing, as it needs to fit into the specified duration. Do not forget to save your file in the best format. Although the form of the video presentation is flexible, but we suggest that the video to be recorded in at least 1080p for best quality, if possible.

Here are links for video showing as how to record an oral or poster presentation with Power Point or Zoom:

  1. How to Make a Video in PowerPoint – ppt to video
  2. How to Record a Presentation using Zoom