Oral Presentation Guidelines

  1. Oral presentations will be conducted online through Zoom.
  2. All presenters will have to use MS PowerPoint for presentations. Please prepare a PDF copy in case your PowerPoint does not work on the day of the event.
  3. The total time allotted to each speaker is 10 minutes followed by 4 minutes for questions and answers.
  4. The chairperson will keep time and strictly ensure that all presenters adhere to their allotted time.
  5. The speaker will control the slides from his computer. Make use of the PowerPoint presentation laser pointer feature for engaging the audience.
  6. You are required to be on standby with your presentation 15 minutes before your presentation session.

Suggestions for Oral Presentation

  1. Display one slide of speaking time per minute. This means approximately 10-12 slides for the 12 minutes presentation.
  2. We recommend a 16:9 presentation format (4:3 is also acceptable).
  3. Make the letters on the slides large enough to be clearly visible, a suggested minimum font is 14.
  4. Put no more than 12 text lines to any slide.
  5. Keep your presentation as simple as possible to avoid hardware and software conflicts, especially with the use of animation, transition, audio, and video.