• Given the inevitability of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the upcoming conference will be held through online webinar platforms
  • All registered participants as well as the invited speakers will present their work through the selected online platforms.
  • Only the registered participants will be given access to present their research and listen to the conference sessions.

Theme: Oral Health for Holistic Well-being

Date: 8-9 September 2020

Since its inception in the year 2017, MySOMOI has been organizing international conferences every year. The 1st was held on 14-15 Aug 2018 in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry UM; while the 2nd was held on the 19-21 Nov 2018 in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine, University Putra Malaysia.

This year MySOMOI is privileged to organize the 3rd ICOMOI in conjunction with the 13th Postgraduate conference of the Faculty of Dentistry, UM. A very special thanks to the Faculty of Dentistry, UM to host and co-organize two events.

The theme for the joint event is “Oral health and holistic wellness”. Needless to say, how oral health is important for the overall well being. Imbalance in oral health adversely affects many physiological systems including the systemic and metabolic functions. It is well evident that a number of major public health concerns namely, but not limited to, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, cardiovascular diseases are linked to wellness of oral health. Malaysia with a growing number of the aging population is also combating those major public health challenges.
Hence, the expected diverse discussions and presentations of research findings on various aspects of oral health and its link to the overall well-being will help the health care professionals, academicians, researchers as well as policymakers to have a better view on the current status and future perspectives of population oral health.
This conference will also offer the platform for the latest discovery in the various areas of dental research such as oral microbiology, oral immunology, oral physiology, and product development for the maintenance of oral health.

Who Should Attend?

Academics, Researchers, Dentists, Nurses, Students, dental industry product developers, and others who are directly or indirectly engaged in research in the field of Dentistry.

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