Theme: Post-pandemic Oral Healthcare and Research

We have gone through a lot of difficulties in carrying out oral health research during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moving ahead, we look forward to leveraging oral health research, science and innovation to newer heights and for better oral healthcare. Oral health is important for the overall wellbeing. Imbalance in oral health adversely affects many physiological systems including the systemic and metabolic functions. It is well evident that several major public health concerns namely, but not limited to, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, cardiovascular diseases are linked to wellness of the oral health. Malaysia with a growing number of aging populations is also combating those major public health challenges.

Achieving oral health for a healthy life, together.

The programme is taking shape, featuring eminent speakers, researchers and opinion leaders from local and abroad.

The anticipated diverse discussions and presentations of research findings on various aspects of oral health that has lagged during the pandemic phase will inspire and facilitate health care professionals, academicians, researchers as well as policy makers to have a better view on the current status and future perspectives of population oral health.

This conference will also offer the platform for the latest discovery in the various areas of dental research   such   as   oral   microbiology, oral immunology, oral physiology, and product development for the maintenance of oral health.

We invite you to contribute to the success of the 5th ICOMOI and we would love to welcome you online this October!

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