There are five categories of MySOMOI membership:
1. Annual member: any individual who is employed or affiliated with an organisation in Malaysia; involved in education, training, and/or R&D in the field of oral Microbiology and oral Immunology (OMOI); and is
willing to abide by the constitution of the society.
2. Life Member: any one who is eligible as an annual member and pays the required subscription fees for life membership.
3. Honorary or Associate Member: Honorary or Associate membership is bestowed by invitation at the recommendation of the Executive Committee (EC) to those who are not eligible for annual membership yet are expected to contribute to MySOMOI. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are also eligible for Associate membership which will not require prior invitation of EC.
4. Associate Life Member: any one who is eligible as an Associate or Honorary Member who pays a lump sum donation as per the decision of the EC.
5. Company or Institutional Member: any individual, firm, institution, or corporate body which supports the purposes of MySOMOI can be offered company or institutional membership depending on the approval from the EC. Company or institutional membership can be represented by the person nominated by the respective company or institution.

  • Applications for membership shall be made in writing or print using the prescribed form provided by the EC. Membership shall only take effect following the approval/endorsement of the application by the EC upon payment of the prescribed subscription fees.
  • Voting rights and the right to elect and stand for election during general meetings shall be the privilege of only annual, life, and associate life members.
  • The EC will take legal actions, if necessary, in case any member fails to observe the constitution of the society.
  • Members will have the right to register for any planned meeting (seminars,
    conference, workshop, and any other programs relevant for the society).

Click here to download MySOMOI membership form